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What we offer

As a grassroots organisation, we believe in the power of passionate individuals coming together as communities to bring about the changes they want to see in the world. By participating in our workshops and working parties, you can help heal your local landscape from industrial toxins, turning them into healthy ecosystems.

Whether its mushroom cultivation or mycoremediation that interests you, all of our projects share a common thread - to raise awareness of the importance of fungi in our own lives, and in the ecosystems we depend on.

Mushroom cultivation workshops

Throughout the year, we host various workshops on organic mushroom cultivation for culinary and medicinal use. Whether you want to grow King Stropharia mushrooms on wood chip beds, Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms on logs, or Oyster mushrooms on straw and coffee, there will be a workshop for your interests.


In addition, there are workshops on cultivating valuable fungi that do not produce mushrooms, such as mycorrhizal fungi, which are essential players in crop health for any organic gardener. Please see our "Upcoming Events" section on the home page.

Mycoremediation projects

Many species of fungi possess the unique ability to decompose environmental toxins such as petroleum products, pesticides and herbicides, as well as filter pathogenic microbes from waterways and absorb heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. 


At Myceliate, we educate, organise and liberate working parties to apply mycelium to heal soils and waterways from toxins across the UK. Our aim is to undo the reckless damage that has been done on our landscapes, making the world a healthier, richer place for future generations.

Mycology education for all ages

We offer workshops in schools, teaching young people the fundamentals of mycology with the aim of inspiring a new generation of ambitious citizens to craft a more sustainable future for humanity.


Our youngest generations are entering an unprecedented new world - a world of climatic instability, biodiversity loss, landscape degradation, and insidious pollution build-up - mistakes compounded over time by our own actions. If it is one legacy we can gift future leaders of the world, it is the knowledge of how to repair this damage and regenerate ecosystems for the future.